Birtley House School
Fawkham Road
West Kingsdown
TN15 6AY

For general enquires email or phone:

01474 853 192

Please note: School office closes at 4.30pm


If it is urgent or requires a direct response email the Headteacher:

Mrs Emma Sillitoe


For advice on your child’s needs email the SENCO:

Mrs Ellie Austin


For enquiries to Birtley House Director:  Mr Paul Mortimer-Lee

07922 761462

15 Oak Valley Lane, Purchase, New York, 10577, USA.

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A parent after their Child’s Taster Day....

“Never in my life has my child talked so much about a school day as much as this evening (she never talks to me about her school day, usually I just get ‘it was fine’). She absolutely loved it, she enjoyed the lessons, loved the teachers, the children and the grounds. You have really created a unique special place. Well done and thank you.”