At Birtley House Independent School we recognise how vital it is for our pupils to be numerate and literate. We balance that within a context of learning in which pupils develop emotional self awareness, confidence, decision making abilities, problem solving, communication skills and respect and responsibility so that they grow into secure, positive citizens.

We recognise that children learn in different ways and so our teaching methods will reflect individual learning styles by using a multi sensory approach.

Our curriculum is made up of:

  • CORE SKILLS – Literacy, Numeracy, ICT
  • CREATIVE AND EXPRESSIVE ARTS – Drama, Music, Art, Play
  • TECHNOLOGY – Scientific Understanding, Design Technology
  • PHYSICAL DEVELOPMENT – Indoor PE takes place at West Kingsdown Village Hall, Sensory Circuits, Clever Fingers, Yoga, Write Dance (Gross and Fine Motor Skills)LIFE SKILLS – Emotional Literacy, Citizenship and Moral Development, Social Skills, Financial Awareness, Responsibility and Respect, Conflict Resolution, Health and Personal Safety, Eco and Environmental Awareness

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We welcome children with English as an additional language. These pupils needs are fully met through our supportive and comprehensive curriculum. We work in partnership with families in order to support specific language needs, through Personalised Learning targets (where relevant) and in consultation with the relevant external agencies.

Pupils with Statements of Special Education Needs/EHCPs have their needs met in accordance with the Code of Practice.

Pupils with EHC Plans and pupils with English as an Additional Language are supported through Personalised Learning Plans, tailored to each individual pupil according to the targets and outcomes detailed in the Plan.  Plans are monitored regularly and Annual Reviews are carried out yearly and submitted to the relevant Local Authority.

Birtley House School works in partnership with the Local Authority, Social Services and other external agencies wherever relevant and applicable. We currently have pupils placed by Kent LA, Bromley LA, East Sussex LA and Bexley LA.  Further information can be found within the Additional Educational Needs policy which is available on the website or from the school office.


Children are formally assessed throughout the school year using the Bsquared and Rising Stars Assessment programmes.  Progress is reported to parents throughout the school year and in detailed written end of year reports in July.  Assessments are carried out by teachers and external professionals such as Speech & Language Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Educational Psychologists and Paediatricians.  Results are recorded and tracked using the school database and provision maps.  Results are  individual and pupil numbers are very small therefore results cannot be published on line as pupils could be identified. Confidentiality is a fundamental priority at Birtley House School.  Pupils’ results are available on request to Inspectors.  

In the academic year 2016-2017 pupil data shows that overall (including boys/girls/EHCP pupils) made the following progress:

Writing – 75% pupils achieved 1 or more year progress

Reading Decoding – 83% pupils achieved 1 or more year progress

Reading Comprehension – 63% pupils achieved 1 or more year progress

Maths – 69% pupils achieved 1 or more year progress

Our Ofsted Action Point in 2014 was to improve maths outcomes for EHCP pupils.  This has been achieved with 58% of pupils making one year’s progression in one year.

What Ofsted said about us...

“The curriculum is enriched by many activities both during the formal curriculum and as extra-curricular activities.”